Until recently, I was a massive hoarder. I kept everything and anything, placing great sentimental value in the most pointless of objects that I owned. Since having Logan, my mindset has gradually changed, and I have been able to clear out so many bits that I have been clinging on to for no reason!

I think I put so much value into things as a distraction and diversion from the fact I wasn’t getting pregnant. It helped to take my mind off things and was something to put my focus and heart into.

I didn’t have many collections but I had a lot of stuff which has now been weeded out, loosely using the #Konmari method. If you haven’t heard of it but feel a bit lost under the weight of things you own, definitely look into it! Her series was on Netflix, I don’t know if it still is, but it’s worth a watch if you find it.

There are some things I haven’t been able to part with, and that is my Harry Potter collection. For those who don’t know me, Harry Potter is life. I go to sleep every night with the film playing, I’ve got special box sets of the dvds, a ton of the pop figures (although that has tailed off as the Logan monster eats away at my pop fund, which I am more than happy with!) weirdly, when the books first came out, I started to read the philosophers stone and hated it, so gave up! It was only when I revisited it at a later stage a couple of years later that I really fell in love with it.

I also own a few bits of Harry Potter lego, my pride and joy is the massive Hogwarts castle set! I also have the hogwarts express, knight bus, diagon alley whomping willow and the Ford anglia! A mix of old and new lego all proudly on display.

I feel like the studio tour in Watford is my second home, it’s one of my favourite places to be. Hogwarts really is my home! I have managed to complete 3 of the sticker book collections (thanks eBay!) and have a whole range of books and bits about the series. If I’m feeling down, I know Harry Potter can cheer me up. Its my one constant that I know is always there and why I love to collect the bits of memorabilia along the way!



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