About me

Hey! My name is Sam, and I am finally a mum! Its been one hell of a journey to get here, and I feel its now time to share the journey with the world!

Our miracle arrived June 2018, and I got married to my partner of 10 years September 2018, so it was a crazy few months in our household!

Here you will find my story of infertility, my personal in-depth experiences of IVF and my journey to become a mum. And now that I am a mum (and so very thankful to be in these shoes!) I will be sharing our adventures with you all.

A few things about me:
πŸ’™ I struggle with anxiety. Its been part of my life for several years but only now do I feel able to be fully open and honest about it and the struggles it gives me on a daily basis.
πŸ’™ I live in Norwich. If you have never been here, I strongly suggest you come visit! Its a beautiful city, and Norfolk is full of beautiful places to visit and things to see and do.
πŸ’™ It took us 5 years to finally conceive our beautiful boy through IVF!
πŸ’™ I have lots of weird quirks, including not being able to sleep with no covers, and not liking the duvet to be creased over my feet. I also get funny about foods being mixed up on my plate and usually eat one thing at a time… there are plenty more but I am sure you will discover them in time!

Finally, if anyone wants to ask me anything about anxiety, trying to conceive, IVF or mum life, please message me. I am happy to be open and honest about EVERYTHING! And I mean everything – no question is too personal.

Thank you for being here πŸ’™