Films and TV shows

Well I left this one vague for myself… This could go anywhere!

I think maybe I will start with favourite films… Bit obvious but got to begin somewhere! You may think my favourite film would be a Harry Potter one. Weirdly, whilst I do love Harry Potter, it doesn’t rank in my top 3 films of all time!

My favourite film of all time, ever, is Moulin Rouge. Its beautiful, funny and Ewan McGregor 😍 the cast are brilliant, the story gets me every time, and the songs are catchy! One of my drama teachers at school was a massive fan and we used songs from the film in anything and everything, which probably instilled the love for it even more! I remember dance routines and having to jump into my friends arms in a split second beat… Poor lad having to catch me time after time in rehearsals 😂 if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you check it out!

Second favourite film is the original Annie 💖 I used to watch this at least once a week on video (please tell me you remember videos…!) at my nanna and grandads house. I tried to do the routines and sing along, I loved everything about it and still do! I’ve not seen the remake and don’t ever know if I can bring myself to… Maybe one day!

Third favourite is actually a film I’ve only seen once and is a recent one. Joker. It’s not an easy watch, I found so much of it so hard to see. And the pain I felt for the character throughout, really got me seeing the Joker in a different way! I will brave watching it again one day and I know it will hit me just as hard, if not harder, so got to be in the exact right frame of mind!

So that’s something on films… Now for TV! Top 3 programmes? Tough one but will give it a go…

First, Broadchurch. If you haven’t seen it, watch it! Now! Its so worth it! David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker are incredible! Also worth watching Gracepoint, the American version. Firstly cause of David Tennants appalling American accent 😂 but also because the story is slightly changed, I love a plot twist! I’ve watched Broadchurch a few times and still not tired of it.

Second, possibly a weird choice, with so many good things existing in the world… Bad girls! I loved this when it was on originally, I was probably on the young side for topics covered but it made me feel cool that I watched it! I got the box set a few years ago and binge watched it super fast, I worried it would feel dated but actually I still loved it! Well worth a watch 😂💖

Third, probably on most people’s watched list on Netflix, Stranger Things. It’s SO GOOD! Like I can’t even put it into words. Just watch it if you haven’t already! I cried so hard when the series ended, I don’t think anything I’ve ever watched has impacted me so much! I just hope they don’t keep it running forever and ruin it, like they did with walking dead 😳

I actually feel I need to add another show here, it’s one I’m loving at the moment. It’s hard to watch, quite teen drama at times but I like it’s style, and that is Atypical. I’m really hooked on it, will be sad when the series ends and I have to wait for 2021 for final episodes!

What are your top shows? Any recommendations? 💙


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