Favourite food

I love food. I always have and always will! There’s only a few things I can think of that I will not eat – celery being one of them! It’s awful 🤢

I used to be a big meat eater, but November 2018 I took a big leap and went vegetarian. I’ve never looked back! I didn’t miss meat like I thought I would which really surprised me. Infact, in January this year, I took the next step and became vegan. Currently I’m only strictly vegan with regards to my eating habits, but I am very mindful of beauty products and toiletries that I use.

I am addicted to pizza and I still eat it on a regular basis! Chicago Town now do an amazing jackfruit stuffed crust pizza, I can highly recommend it! Accompanied by hellmans vegan mayo for crust dipping 😍 perfect. I still love a good burger, chilli, shepherd’s pie, everything I always used to eat! It’s just all now adapted for a vegan diet.

One thing I miss is chip shop fish and chips… The batter 😍 but I don’t miss the fish. Banana blossom does just the same thing, I plan to get some and try and make my own chip shop fish at home!

Cheese was a big thing for me to give up. But with the help of violife and applewood smoked vegan cheese, I’m happy!

Completely unintentional, but the vegan eating has definitely helped with my weight loss! Even though I eat more and am fuller than I have ever been! Eating less meat is definitely a good plan for everyone to follow even if you don’t want to be fully vegan!

Below are some of my current favourite meals 💙


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