Until recently, I was a massive hoarder. I kept everything and anything, placing great sentimental value in the most pointless of objects that I owned. Since having Logan, my mindset has gradually changed, and I have been able to clear out so many bits that I have been clinging on to for no reason! I… Continue reading Collections


Favourite food

I love food. I always have and always will! There's only a few things I can think of that I will not eat - celery being one of them! It's awful 🤢I used to be a big meat eater, but November 2018 I took a big leap and went vegetarian. I've never looked back! I… Continue reading Favourite food


Favourite insta accounts

This would probably work better as just an Instagram Post or a series of stories but as my aim is to do one post a day... Here it is! I follow quite a few accounts on insta, some I go a long time without looking in on and I don't really miss them (sorry!) some… Continue reading Favourite insta accounts