My biggest achievements

Welcome to day 12 of my daily blog posts… I’m taking a moment to give myself a pat on the back! Getting to this is an achievement in itself 😂

So what are my biggest achievements?

The most obvious one would be having Logan and becoming a mum. It’s something I’ve mentioned ALOT but it’s something I never thought would actually happen so to be a mum is incredible! I’m not going to talk anymore about it tonight though you will be relieved to know… 😂

My next biggest achievement is owning a home, which we bought in 2011. Its a 1970s build which had the worst DIY jobs and decor when we moved in! Everything we have done has been a problem due to the cowboy who owned the house before not doing anything right! So every project always needs a big contingency cause we know it isn’t going to go smoothly! We have made so many changes over the years and have plenty more planned for the future.

Another major achievement is getting married! I never thought that would happen, James always told me we would never get married… NEVER! But here we are! And I’m very happy, we had a beautiful day with our nearest and dearest, I loved it! I would do it again if I could, with James obviously 😂 we had so much fun! Maybe a 10 year renewal ceremony, 2028…?!

Learning to drive was another massive achievement. I remember passing my test, it was my 2nd attempt and my examiner let me keep the radio on… Get in! As I was driving round feeling incredibly nervous, I heard the news stories of the awful events unfolding in London, 07/07/2005. Its crazy to think I’ve been driving almost half my life! I would be so lost without my car, its key to all the adventures me and Logan go on!

What has your biggest achievement been? 💙


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