Poorly sick

So this week has been the stuff of nightmares! I came down with a sickness bug at the start of this week which absolutely knocked me off my tracks!

I’m not great at dealing with being sick at the best of times – whatever the illness I hate being poorly and feeling ill! I end up feeling sorry for myself and and a really useless patient! So having a sickness bug and an 8 month relying on me was a completely new challenge!

On the Tuesday, my other half James went into work late to help me out with stuff at home and Logan before he went to work. I’m not sure how, but somehow we got through the day until James got home again! It certainly was a challenge and was definitely eventful… if you don’t like TMI then you may want to skip the story in the next paragraph… πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ€’

TMI coming up… so lunch time Tuesday, I had been alone about 2 hours with Logan at this point. Turns out Logan was a bit poorly too as he decided to have a poop explosion up his back! I had been trying to keep movement to a minimum as I was feeling incredibly nauseous but I had to take him upstairs due to the explosion. I had just got him on the floor and his trousers off to change him when I felt overwhelmingly sick… so off I dashed to the bathroom, where I discovered again how weak my pelvic floor is whilst being sick πŸ˜† horrendous! Logan meanwhile is drag shuffling himself out of his room with his poop covered vest still on and is making a beeline for the guest room! Fast forward 20 mins later, Logan is changed, I’m changed, and we are back downstairs not moving again πŸ™ˆ

The last few days eating has been impossible and drinking has been a challenge but since last night I seem to be getting back on track! 8lb lost in 4 days is pretty drastic… I know I wanted to lose weight but that’s not the way to do it!

I had no idea just how challenging it would be to be a mum still while being so very poorly! James has been fantastic and had some time off work but there was still plenty of hours where I was left to look after Logan alone. To any parents with any chronic conditions or illnesses looking after babies day in day out I absolutely admire you!

The Wednesday of the sick bug… horrendous!

A Friday favourite of the state of the situation πŸ˜‚ this is the truth of #mumlife ! Poor boy!

He’s back on form today! And I’ve managed to wash my hair and put some clothes on! Wahoo!

Hope everyone else stays safe and well!



2 thoughts on “Poorly sick”

  1. If I had of been more myself I’d if looked after babba for you. Hope you back to normal soon my love x


  2. You should of shouted like I told you too! ( I’m wagging my finger at you ! 😘) it took me little while to realise what I was looking at in the second photo!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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