IVF story

The first IVF steps feat. My Past

Sounds pretty ominous for a title for a blog post! But its time to get to the IVF story… I’ve been delaying it long enough! And to be able to get to the IVF, I have to talk about how I got to that path, and for that, I have to visit my past.

This post will be filled with a whole lot of honesty that I haven’t admitted to alot of people and are things that I haven’t ever discussed with anyone, which when you see whats coming, you will get why. I’m not naming names, but those in my life at that time may know who the people are. If any of you from then read this… erm… hi! This is going to be raw, its deep, and some people may make some judgements… I’m ok with that. So, here goes…

Our baby making journey started 2013, as I mentioned before. We hadn’t exactly been using protection so it could have happened before then, but we officially started as we understood the prognosis for my dad ❤ Fast forward a year later, and we were still in the same position, not pregnant. For most, this would be acceptable and normal, but my past has always niggled in my head…

I lost my virginity at 16. Perfectly normal age. I was however naive, and part of the “it feels better without protection” suckers… but how would I know if it felt better with or without? It was my first experience, I was still learning. It wasn’t a one night stand, but what at the time was my first serious relationship. I was crazy about him and believed alot. I have always been easily influenced so to not use protection was an easy decision for me. I could have got pregnant 😲 I even ended up getting the morning after pill once incase “the worst” had happened. Fast forward to 6th form.

My heart had been broken and I was single. He “didn’t have time for me as he was so busy” yet after the summer break he was already in a new relationship… I don’t really know how faithful he was to me in our time together, I hope he was but theres no knowing. One lovely blissful carefree day, my future was changed forever. I was told by a good person that he was going to talk to me. Why? Because there was a good chance I had chlamydia.

Yup. You read that right. Not everyone who gets an STI sleeps around. I had slept with one person, and I possibly had chlamydia. He did phone and told me I needed to get checked a few days later. I had already been to the clinic… and got the call to confirm. I had chlamydia. A week long course of antibiotics and and a follow up check 3 months later to get the all clear.

But why would I tell you this? Because of what chlamydia can do. It has no symptoms. I definitely had none. And why is chlamydia so serious? Because if untreated it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, but worse than that. Infertility. I was in my late teens already considering the possibility of infertility. All STI checks have been 100% clear since this time.

Speed back to 2014, when it came to 1 year without things happening. Due to my STI history, we got to move forward with tests. To start, there is alot of blood tests, at different times in my cycle. We had to make sure I was ovulating, which I was. We had to check my AMH, which I still don’t fully get but it was OK. I then moved on to have an ultrasound.

I received the results October 2014. It was found I had a cyst in my right ovary, 7cm x 6cm, for which I had to have another blood test. They also discovered a tubular structure near my left ovary which contained fluid, and was most likely to be a hydrosalpinx.

I had a laparoscopy 30/04/15. The operation should have been done sooner than this but we all know the difficulties the NHS has. As a non urgent operation I just had to be patient. As part of the surgery, they did a dye test. They test to see if dye can get through the tubes. It became clear things were not good. The dye test had no spill or fill which suggested bilateral tubal obstructions. In simple terms, both tubes are blocked, so no eggs can reach their destination, so no natural conception. The cyst was removed from my right ovary and the ovary saved but function at this time would be unknown. It was also found I have adhesions and my fallopian tube and ovary on both sides are stuck. Noted on my discharge papers is the following line- “Peri-hepatic adhesions in fitting with old infection”.

Peri-hapatic adhesions is a complication of pelvic inflammatory disease. Which, as we learnt earlier is a complication of chlamydia. Which can lead to infertility. My past had set my entire future! It was determined the only way forward would be for IVF.

And I’m leaving this one here. I feel I have shared way too much but sometimes honesty is the best policy. And if it scares at least one person to get themselves checked, then do it. Don’t think you are OK and it won’t happen to you. Get checked, get your smear, just be safe!





1 thought on “The first IVF steps feat. My Past”

  1. You are brave beyond words. I won’t be ignorant and say I know how you feel because I can’t begin to know. Whilst we do have ivf struggles in common our stories are so different. You have so much in your life you’ve had to deal with and have come so far and are so positive you are an inspiration to everyone. I’m so proud of you and love you very much xxxx

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