Ready for 2019…?

…And just like that 2018 is almost at an end! What a crazy life changing year! I think 2018 has probably been the best year of my life… and there was me dreading turning the big 3-0! 😂 I got through pregnancy, had our miracle boy and got married… some pretty big achievements there!

So how can I top it in 2019? Well I don’t know if I can but I know I have a lot of new adventures coming up!

Is anyone making new years resolutions? I’m making some aims for myself to try and get some focus in my life in 2019, which I will share with you all!

🌟 Get fit! IVF and pregnancy have been hard on my body and since giving birth I’ve given it a break, but now it’s time to be kind to myself and get myself in a shape other than a spacehopper 😂  infact most days people could still think I am pregnant… and the thought of someone asking me that with my infertility issues terrifies me! So time to get sorted. I would say back in shape but I’ve never actually been in any good shape! Logan will be running around before I know it and right now I don’t stand a chance of keeping up! I have treated myself to Chloe Madeley’s (or should I say Chloe Haskell now…!) new book the fat loss blitz and will be following the sedentary plan. She’s absolutely amazing and really inspires me, check her out on Instagram @madeleychloe ! She’s definitely worth a follow. I will be sharing my weight loss journey on Instagram, on a separate page in the new year so will share more when I’ve set it up! I’ve also signed up to RED January to be active every day in January! Can’t wait to push myself from day 1!

🌟 Declutter! My home is a cluttered untidy mess and it needs some serious love! So I will be getting my house straight and hopefully this will help me mentally and physically too!

🌟 Look after myself! Becoming a mum is not easy and you definitely can lose part of you. Now Logan is getting bigger, and has a good bedtime routine, evenings are me time. So time for some relaxation, chill out baths, reading, cross stitch, tv viewing and just generally getting back into my hobbies… and doing more blog posts!

🌟 Get things done! I have a terrible habit of saying I need to do something but then I never do it… even silly things, like changing batteries in something – so lazy! I’m getting into the idea of lists so have bought a sloth notebook (pretty sure a sloth is my spirit animal 😂) and will create a series of lists to get completed. And if something simple needs doing, like changing batteries in something, it’s to be done there and then! Unless there’s no batteries… then it’s a list job 😂

I like to think my aims are realistic?! Any suggestions on anyone to follow on Instagram to help motivate me? I already follow Chloe Madeley, the Organised Mum (love her!) And just started following This Girl Can Organise… but any more suggestions welcome… apart from Mrs Hinch… that’s one cleaning step too far for me!



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