The last 2 months

Wow… Not sure how it’s been almost 2 months since I last did a post! Definitely time for me to get some posts done!

For those waiting for my infertility story… it’s coming, I promise!

So what has happened in these 2 months? Alot! James turned 40 πŸ˜€ had an amazing day and as he is not a big cake fan, mum made him a sausage roll cake!

It was eaten fast! As were the jam tarts πŸ˜‹

Then at the end of September, we reached the one year mark since we got to see the 2 lines on the pregnancy test that shocked me 😁

We also did some dog sitting and had Mazi come to stay for 2 weeks while my mum went away for some Spanish sun! Not jealous at all… 😣 We have often had Mazi stay but with a baby this was a whole new challenge, especially as she is a newly diagnosed diabetic. Her injections went fairly smoothly and she was pretty good for us! She’s such a cutie, Logan and Mazi are fairly unsure of each other, especially now Logan has grabby hands and likes to death grip her fur πŸ˜‚

October 11th took us to Norwich Playhouse for a rare Logan free evening to see Bug – Bowie special. The show was brilliant, if you haven’t seen Adam Buxton and his Bug work before then I highly recommend checking him out! Logan was a good boy for his Nanny and Grandad πŸ’™

We also had our first long day trip out as a family, we went to Ikea at Lakeside and Primark for Harry Potter goods! Was a really long day especially as we had to do stops there and back which we wouldn’t usually bother with! But travelling anywhere with a baby is so different. Logan was so well behaved, we all enjoyed ourselves and got lots of furniture inspiration for reorganising the games room!

We started swimming lessons which Logan seems to enjoy and I love it as swimming was a huge part of my childhood, so it’s awesome to do it with Logan! We have done under water swimming, lots of splashing actions to nursery rhymes, kicking legd and jumping in from the side! I struggle with social anxiety and starting going to a group was a terrifying thing for me but so proud I have done it! Will cover my wonderful anxiety in a separate post as that’s one heck of a story in itself…!

We had our first Halloween, no trick or treating this year but was lovely!

Just a selection of some of his outfits over the Halloween season!

We had his first fireworks too with Nanny and Grandad and he seemed to enjoy it!

Ear defenders were bought on Amazon for Β£9.99, they fit him lovely and even extend to fit James head! He managed to stay awake for the whole show πŸ˜€

November also meant the start of the veg pledge for me, raising money for cancer research. I lost my dad to cancer in Feb 2013 (another post for another time) so it’s an important cause for me! James and I are big meat eaters, I did go off alot of meats in pregnancy but have been enjoying them since Logan arrived! But felt it was time for a challenge… so it’s the 17th today so 17 days without meat or fish… and surprisingly I’ve been finding it ok and actually enjoying it! My current mind set is I won’t be returning to eating meat, will see if I keep to that plan!

We’ve also had some zoo visits and seen some mummy friends and been on lots of walks and park visits and I’m sure there’s plenty more adventures to come! Logan is fast approaching 6 months, I have great plans for Christmas crafts come 1st December and we will also have the start of weaning, very exciting adventures ahead but I wish time would slow down!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend πŸ˜€

Sam πŸ’™


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