January 2019

I have finally convinced Logan to nap so making the most of the unknown amount of time he sleeps by doing a blog post!

So, my last post of 2018 was about setting myself some aims for 2019… Its been 30 days of the new year, so think I should review how I am getting on with them – if I am at all…?

🌟 Aim 1 was to get fit! I have been following the Sedentary plan from Chloe Madeley’s book the fat loss blitz. Things are going pretty good! I am eating better, and in 2 weeks have managed to lose 6lbs and some inches of my body, namely 2 inches gone from my waist! Massive achievement for me! I am definitely feeling the difference and don’t seem to be as breathless now, I am seriously unfit! I can highly recommend the plan, its simple to cook, basic ingredients, quick meals and there is some variety!Β @madeleychloe on Instagram for more inspiration. I originally planned to stick religiously to the diet/exercise plan for 4 weeks however Logan was poorly with a cold which I then caught so I repeated the first week of the plan so will be doing it for 5 weeks in total.

🌟 Aim 2 was to declutter. This is a challenge for me, I have always been a massive hoarder and hang on to all kinds of unnecessary things just incase. I have however been doing well! I have fallen in love with Marie Kondo, her show on netflix is an absolute must! I have used the KonMari method on my wardrobe and got rid of 4 bin bags of clothes! I am now trying to apply her method to all areas of our home and gradually bit by bit I am clearing out the years of accumulated junk!

🌟 Aim 3 is to look after myself. I still struggle with this one… I am back doing alot of cross stitch, I have been making progress on my Hogwarts Castle project I got for my 30th birthday, this does keep getting sidelined though as other cross stitch work takes priority, as I am a model stitcher for a couple of magazines! As you can tell blog posts still haven’t become regular but hopefully they soon will be… I have some ideas I want to blog about!

🌟 Aim 4 get things done. Still not good at getting things done! I am writing more lists and getting some things ticked off. I am not pressuring myself on this one, I get done what I can, when I can. Being a mum and keeping us all alive is the main thing to get done and thats just about happening!

I still have 11 months to continue the work on my aims… I’m feeling it will be a pretty good year!

I did intend to write more but I hear the little one stirring… 20 minute nap, seems we are back to the cat nap days… πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆ



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