Childhood memories

Oh where to start with this one! I have so many amazing memories of my childhood, we may not have had a lot but we had love for each other, and time together which is way more important than any material good you can ever buy!

Here comes a big reveal for some people… I considered myself an only child, when actually, I do have a half brother. It’s something I won’t be talking about in any detail ever (sorry!) but I was so young when he left I don’t remember life with him. Its a shame but that’s life.

Being an only child isn’t a lonely life as many would assume. I had lots of friends to grow up with and where I grew up in a little village, there were quite a few kids and we all played with each other. We had sleepovers, played in the park and in the fields, made dens and had the best fun! I was always the first in on an evening, everyone else could be out until it got dark in the summer, even those younger than me! I used to lay in bed with the window open listening to them all still playing and thinking how unfair life was 😂 oh how I laugh thinking back at young me, and all the things I thought were major problems! They’re just a dot in the ocean now!

We didn’t go abroad when I was young. We once went on a plane to Jersey for a holiday and I loved it, I thought we had gone miles away from home but later learnt just how close Jersey is to England… My geography was terrible and probably always will be! We used to go on amazing caravan holidays, Skegness to butlins, Yorkshire, Eastbourne, Kent, so many different places! I loved the excitement and novelty of being in a caravan and loved being with my mum and dad. I also loved being by the sea and playing on the beach and swimming. It really was the simple things in life I valued most. And barbies. 😂

Saturday night TV used to be amazing! Honestly it cannot be matched now! I struggle to remember the running order but I know I used to watch Knightrider and baywatch 😍 gladiators, the generation game, blind date, catchphrase! They don’t make anything like they did then! I remember desperately wanting to be on gladiators and I used to run on the spot to help motivate the contestants up the travelator at the end… Brilliant!

I used to spend most weekends at my grandparents. We would go to the marina centre in Great Yarmouth swimming, sadly the pool has now been closed and is being demolished for a new modern Marina centre… I did get to take Logan there which was a bit of a dream come true for me, its the pool where I started my swimming journey and swam 800m when I was 6! I only stopped because the wave machine started and we were made to! We would then sit in the car opposite the Pleasure Beach and eat a picnic watching the rides going round and listening to the screams before heading home.

We also had lots of trips to the Dinosaur Park, which has changed alot since I was little but is still just as exciting to visit!

Friday nights I remember my dad used to finish work early, so we would jump in the car when he got home in the warmer months and head to the nearest beach for a picnic tea. So lucky to live in Norfolk and have a city and the beaches right on our doorstep! It’s probably why I would struggle to ever leave.

The simple things in life really made my childhood, and although I want Logan to experience as much as possible in life, I hope like myself it’s the simple moments he takes with him into his adulthood.

I have so so many childhood memories I could probably go on for days, but most would be of no interest to anyone but myself. In a – you had to be there – kind of way!



1 thought on “Childhood memories”

  1. This was one of the most loveliest blog I have read of your, love reading all of them but this was my favourite took me back to my younger years xx


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