Favourite insta accounts

This would probably work better as just an Instagram Post or a series of stories but as my aim is to do one post a day… Here it is!

I follow quite a few accounts on insta, some I go a long time without looking in on and I don’t really miss them (sorry!) some I remember to check a few times a week but some I watch religiously. And although most of them won’t know me as anything other than a follower, weirdly I feel like I actually know them and on occasions talk about them like a friend… Funny how social media makes the strangers in your life some of the most familiar people!

I could list quite a few accounts that I enjoy, but there are a few I actually really love – and I will add these are in no particular order!

The first, is a hilariously brilliant local lady, over at @cookiecrumblesuk I’ve followed her for a while, and she never fails to make me laugh! Top features are the Friday dance (self explanatory!) and pelvic floor reminders… Which is insanely important for us ladies! Her life is one crazy calamity after another, which she shares in several stories for our entertainment. If I’m ever feeling in need of a mood boost then I head straight to her account! She’s down to earth, and I definitely see traits of myself in her, only she’s brave enough to share them πŸ˜‚πŸ’–

Next is another local lady, who is just as brilliant! Ruth at @rocknrollerbaby is another account I’ve followed for a while. I love seeing the adventures she has with her beautiful children, for her blog and life! Her stories start every day with a good morning sunshine greeting and it always makes me smile! Another honest sharer which I love πŸ’–

Third we have @pandering_to_boys oh my goodness if you get a chance check out all of her Instagram highlights! She is the lady behind the incredible phenomenon Chara’de and watching her lip sync in brilliant costumes is a big highlight for me! Alongside her humour, she shares beautiful, tender honest moments, her stories are always worth a watch. Another lady who will brighten your day guaranteed!

Fourth, he’s not going to be to everyone’s taste but I think he’s bloody funny! Ross at @isabloguk is rude, crude and hilariously open and honest. He’s real about his struggles from post natal depression to where he is now, and he shares the most crazy bonkers things, often without thought – which is great! He and his poor wife Rachel (see his stories, you will see why I say poor Rachel πŸ˜‚πŸ’–) have actually started a wax melt business to spend more time as a family, watching it grow and the humour that goes with it at @teddyevascents is refreshing, it’s not a run of the mill wax fragrance pages let me warn you now πŸ˜‚

I will just add these are all my personal views. None of the accounts mentioned are aware of my intention to include them in a blog post and I am receiving nothing for mentioning them. It’s all to share the love of what I love!