Health and fitness

I've never been one for sports. I was often getting my mum to write sick notes in school to excuse me, unless it was trampolining. I was always up for that! Years of infertility played havoc with comfort eating, and the side effects of IVF medication left me bloated and piling on the pounds. Then… Continue reading Health and fitness


Why am I here

Good question. Why am I here? In the grand scheme of life, I still don't fully know my true calling and destiny. Being a mum was a dream for as long as I can remember and I'm so grateful to be able to fulfil that dream, I know I am so incredibly lucky! But in… Continue reading Why am I here



Well, it would seem I'm keeping up with my blog a day challenge so far... We won't mention we are only 2 days into the month! 😅 Today's post topic is family. My family is made up of myself, my lovely hubby James and our little boy Logan. We are a fab threesome, and try… Continue reading Family

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The third cycle

Yup. You read that right. I haven't gone mad and missed an IVF cycle. I mean, I have missed a section, the second fresh cycle which gave us Logan. But as we know the outcome to that one, I thought I would pause that story for now and tell you the most recent news. From… Continue reading The third cycle

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After the first cycle

So, as we learnt from my post The first cycle, I didn't end up with the positive result I so desperately hoped for. My whole cycle had been looking good, the medications were changing my body as it should. My lining thickened as it should at the right time and my ovaries were looking promising.… Continue reading After the first cycle

IVF story

The Start of IVF

As we found out in my last IVF story post, my tubes are completely blocked, the medical term is hydrosalpinx, as my tubes aren't just blocked but are filled with fluid. Due to the findings during my laparoscopy, I had to have IVF treatment. The surgery took place 30/04/2015 and it was determined I would… Continue reading The Start of IVF