Perfect day

I’m a day behind over here. This topic should have been day 17, but with the world being the crazy place it is, I didn’t feel up to posting anything yesterday. Especially with everything we love being cancelled and all signs of normality being lost for the foreseeable.

I like to pretend I’m ok with change and handle it well, but in all honesty, my anxiety likes time to plan and adjust. And it hasn’t had that. There’s been stuff flying everywhere and no escape from the virus we shall not name and actually I’ve been feeling pretty suffocated by it. I don’t want to talk about it here, but just want to say I hope everyone is staying safe πŸ’– now for the topic in question – Perfect Day.

I have a few of these… My perfect day at home, pre Logan, would have been waking up lateish, say, 9am, then coming down for some breakfast. Maybe chill out with some trashy TV, snacks and blankets in my pj’s til around 1. Then some lunch, more TV, maybe a film, a nap, then order take away for tea. A bath, put on fresh pj’s, read some book, more TV, more snacks, then bed around 11.

A Perfect Day at home with Logan is a bit different. Wake up around 7 would be fine! Then some cuddles in bed and breakfast together. Watch some cbeebies in pj’s and then get dressed for around 10. Maybe do some puzzles and some colouring and watch more cbeebies. Lunch around 12.30. Logan would then nap around 1 where I could watch some programmes I would like to see. Maybe nap myself too! Then when he wakes, afternoon snacks, games until tea time, then a splashy bath for him and bed around 7.

A perfect day out would be somewhere involving a beach, lazy morning on the sand with some paddling and castle building! A picnic lunch and then some games before ice creams and more paddling! Even better if it is abroad somewhere extra sunny πŸ’–

In reality though, a perfect day is pretty much doing anything with Logan and my hubby, having fun and making memories!

What would be your perfect day? πŸ’™


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