Health and fitness

I’ve never been one for sports. I was often getting my mum to write sick notes in school to excuse me, unless it was trampolining. I was always up for that!

Years of infertility played havoc with comfort eating, and the side effects of IVF medication left me bloated and piling on the pounds. Then when everything fully worked out and I got pregnant, I lived off potato and gained a fair amount of weight… At around 28 weeks, I weighed myself at 12 stone 7. I didn’t step on a scale after that 😬

Post birth, I lost a fair amount of weight quickly. Then things plateaued and it all started creeping back on. November 2018 I became vegetarian and 14th January 2019 I started Chloe Madeley’s fat loss blitz book. I weighed in at the start of the year at 11 stone 8, and my first weight measurement for the fat loss blitz was 11 stone 6. I took pictures. It wasn’t pretty.

These are the shots I got. I probably look at least 6 months pregnant in them. Crazy.

I managed to do 3/4 weeks of the fat loss blitz and it really kick started my weight loss. I continued to find my own ways to get the weight down by moving more and eating more balanced meals with smaller portions. I still ate treats. Exercise was still a big weakness but with nice weather and Logan, I walked alot more. I then began couch to 5k but come week 5 run 2, I quit.

In the summer, as Logan turned 1, we started our FET treatment. I had been attempting to get back into couch to 5k but the warm weather and my nerves over treatment caused me worry and therefore I turned to food as comfort and became lazier. The treatment ended at the start of August in a failed IVF cycle. I was bigger again and at a really low point mentally.

January 1st 2020, I really felt the new year, new decade, new chances vibes. I turned vegan, and I restarted couch to 5k. I’m now back to week 5 run 2, but I actually run much faster than when I tried it previously. I’m fitter than before and alot lighter! I’m finally starting to feel confident and also beginning to accept I can’t really call myself fat anymore.

I’m now 9 stone 8, 2 whole stone lighter than when I started. I’ve lost 7 inches from my tummy alone, and am feeling in a good place health wise! I still have some way to go but I now believe I can do this!

The pictures on the right are me being brave this morning! It’s been slow, but it’s made it manageable. 💙


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