Bucket list dreams

So this topic is a slightly weird one for me. I actually don’t have a bucket list. For someone who loves a list (I have many lists scattered everywhere, my memory these days is horrendous!) this is not part of my list collection. I’ve never done a list of things to do by a certain age either… Kind of feeling I should do a 40 things before I’m 40 list maybe?! Any suggestions feel free to comment!

I do have lots of things I would like to achieve and do though. I would love to visit New York. Also Las Vegas! I would love to go to every Disney park in the world at least once. I would love to visit Thailand. I would love to go see sloths in their natural habitat. I would love to visit Amsterdam. I haven’t done much travelling in my life but I hope that one day I achieve some of these places!

I would love to skydive! That seems a massive adrenaline rush! Abseiling from a really high building could be fun (although my fear of heights would really add to the risk factor on this one for me!).

One of my dreams did come true, being a mum. That’s a massive tick on the bucket list! And there’s lots I want to do. I want to take him on plenty of family seaside holidays. I want to take him on a plane. I would love to take him on a tractor! In fact, I would love to go on a tractor 😂 going on a safari in Africa would be amazing too, I don’t know who would be more excited by the giraffe and rhino!

Then there’s the simple things. I want to spend a night out under the stars with my little man. Build dens, play forts, let our imaginations go wild and play all of the make believe games we can.

Ultimately, I just want to be happy and know my family are happy too. 💙


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