2020 so far

Here is post 4 of my #mymarchdaily month of blog posting. This one is looking at 2020 so far, and how I am doing against the targets I originally set myself in January! You can see the original post here!

Considering we are 3 months into the year, I would say I am pretty behind on my list!

1. I haven’t managed to finish 1 book this year, so not sure I will make 20!
2. Run 5k… I have managed 5k running and walking but still a way to go to achieve the full distance running, I’m on week 4 of couch to 5k and determined to do it this time!
3. Run 10k… 😂 See above…
4. Visit Colchester zoo, it’s not been the weather so far so wasn’t expecting to do this one just yet anyway!
5. Watch 20 films that are new to me… I’ve achieved 2 😳 need to work a lot harder at this one to get it done!
6. Complete friends… I’m about 8 episodes into the first series, I will get this done!
7. Lose another 20cm from my overall measurements… I’ve not checked these for a while so no idea on progress! I know the numbers on the scales are getting lower so hopefully this is happening…
8. Night away without Logan… This is proving harder than I thought! We have the childcare I just don’t know how to leave him 🙈
9. Bathroom… Still no quotes, still no progress!
10. Decorating our room is pencilled in for next month, see how it goes!
11. Guest room has been fully decorated so this one is fully done! ✔️
12. Do a park run event… One day!
13. Family Blickling bike ride, this is another one pencilled in for warmer weather!
14. Picnic on the beach, another one for the warmer weather!
15. See a theatre show… Nothing has taken my fancy so far but keeping an eye out!
16. Get a tattoo… This will hopefully go ahead later this year, when I actually decide exactly what to have done.
17. Music concert/gig, like the theatre, nothing has taken my fancy so far but will keep an eye out!
18. Watch all 9 star wars… I haven’t managed to watch the other TV and film stuff on my list so these definitely haven’t had a look in!
19. Cook 20 new recipes… I still have 20 to go! Much like reading books I haven’t had time to sit with a cookbook and make some plans. I think it’s still achievable though!
20. Save £1000… 😂 Big dreams from the woman who likes spending way more than saving…

2020 has been filled with so much fun so far (apart from 2 weeks full time working!) and I feel it’s going to carry on being a good year!

How is 2020 going for you? I hope your dreams and goals are being realised!