Why am I here

Good question. Why am I here? In the grand scheme of life, I still don’t fully know my true calling and destiny. Being a mum was a dream for as long as I can remember and I’m so grateful to be able to fulfil that dream, I know I am so incredibly lucky!

But in more basic terms, as in, why is the blog here? Its here because I had a story. A story about my IVF journeys and how life led to me having to go that route to have a family. I want to share the stories of my struggles, the pregnancy, the life as a mum and all the good and bad bits inbetween. Its so easy to make things look like you have life all sorted, but this is definitely not the case!

Inside, my social anxiety eats at me. It’s a constant battle to keep it in check. I’m a lot better with things than I was pre Logan, and I push myself out of my comfort zone alot to ensure he is getting out and experiencing life and having lots of fun! It’s far from easy but I refuse to give up, it will never beat me.

I’m also here to share my Instagram account and fill it with a ton of Logan spam, it’s what 95%… OK, more like 99% of my grid is but I wouldn’t have it any other way! My stories need alot of work though, they are very all or nothing and largely feature Logan but sometimes my unkempt mum face appears!

I don’t know if me being here makes a difference to anyone, but I like this space and am very fond of my Instagram so don’t plan on leaving any time soon! Come follow me! @samjamist



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