Well, it would seem I’m keeping up with my blog a day challenge so far… We won’t mention we are only 2 days into the month! πŸ˜…

Today’s post topic is family. My family is made up of myself, my lovely hubby James and our little boy Logan. We are a fab threesome, and try at least once a week usually at the weekend to go out together as a family. We very rarely go out as a couple these days, although that’s been the situation long before Logan! Sadly IVF eats up a lot of time and focus for anything else, so for years we were dedicated to treatment rather than living! But now those days are done and Logan is already getting more independent I see us finding more time for us as a couple in the coming months!

Family wise, things are pretty small, and I don’t have many living relatives left. In fact, it’s only my mum that I see on a very regular basis! My dad passed away from cancer Feb 2013, my Nan passed away Feb 2011, and my grandad passed away Feb 2007. I actually did a blog post about why February is my least favourite month if you fancy a depressing read!

We are blessed with the family we do have, I’m very lucky to have an amazing mother in law and her husband is brilliant! My mum also has a new partner and he is a lovely man who helps us out with any DIY nightmare.

Family is really important to me, I always dreamt of a family of my own, which at one time began to feel impossible! But, instead, here we are! And I’m so happy to spend my days with my boys πŸ’™


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