20 goals for 2020

So, I’m never one to set a resolution. Mainly because I always break then then feel like I’ve set off the year on the wrong foot!

However this year, with it being a brand new decade, I felt it was time to set myself 20 goals to try and achieve by the end of 2020, which I will share with you now! Hopefully I won’t let myself down and as they are individual goals I will be able to make them all happen!

  1. Read 20 books
  2. Run 5k
  3. Run 10k
  4. Visit Colchester zoo
  5. Watch 20 films that are new to me
  6. Complete Friends from start to finish
  7. Lose another 20 cm from my overall measurements
  8. Have a night away without Logan
  9. Have the bathroom refitted and decorated
  10. Decorate our bedroom fully
  11. Decorate the guest room fully
  12. Do a Parkrun event
  13. Go on a family bike ride at Blickling
  14. Have a picnic on the beach
  15. See a show at the theatre
  16. Get a tattoo
  17. Go to a music concert / gig
  18. Watch all 9 star wars films
  19. Cook 20 new recipes
  20. Save Β£1000

So these are my goals. I will do further blog posts on why I have set these as my targets and follow ups as to where I am with my progress and what I am doing towards achieving it.

Wish me luck! πŸ’™


2 thoughts on “20 goals for 2020”

  1. There’s some great things on that list!! Although from all that tv watching there wont be time for anything else!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I took Harrison to Colchester zoo last year and it was great!!! Xxxx

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