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After the first cycle

So, as we learnt from my post The first cycle, I didn’t end up with the positive result I so desperately hoped for. My whole cycle had been looking good, the medications were changing my body as it should. My lining thickened as it should at the right time and my ovaries were looking promising. So why did it all go so badly wrong?

We had our follow up with the consultant, I can’t find the letters right now so I can’t remember quite how long we were left in a bit of a limbo situation… but think it was around a month? Not sure. We discussed the poor outcome.

It was decided that the issue was my tubes, and it was then I learnt fully the impact hydrosalpinx (fluid filled fallopian tubes) can have. It turns out mine are filled with a fluid which is toxic to embryos, and it’s likely that after the embryo was transferred, fluid escaped from the tubes and washed it away. It’s also possible that the embryo wouldn’t have stuck in the first place but the tubes definitely ruined any chance of it working.

An IVF cycle on our CCG includes all fresh and frozen transfers until all embryos are used. We had no frozen embryos for transfer so our first cycle was finished. We are lucky that our CCG where we live funds 2 full IVF cycles. As far as I am aware this is still the case. Our consultant made the decision that to be able to continue and start our 2nd cycle of IVF I would have to have my tubes removed.

I was referred back to a consultant at the James Paget hospital in Great Yarmouth (close enough!) And was put on the waiting list. Even though I knew it was impossible, I slid back into the monthly hope of falling pregnant. I should have had the operation within 18 weeks but it definitely went beyond that. I finally got a date through, and 17th March 2017. I can also tell you this is the date the live action version of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson was released in the cinema… a slightly unusual fact to remember about the day but I was supposed to go see it with my mother in law to be and sister in law to be! Instead I ended up being operated on.

I was on the day procedure unit, and had the operation through laparoscopy. Unfortunately due to my sticky insides, my tubes couldn’t be removed as it wasn’t safe. Instead, I had my tubes clipped. The procedure is much like removing the tubes as the ends are sealed so no more toxic fluid can escape. As I found before when I had surgery, I am terrible coming around from the anaesthetic. I struggled to wake up and string a sentence together. But I was told if I got out of bed for a wee I could go home and I wanted nothing more than my own home comforts, so I went for a wee and got dressed. Whilst dressing, I was horrendously sick, but for some reason they still let me go! It was a painful night and I continued to be sore for the first week. I had 2 weeks off to allow me to recover and come the end of the 2 weeks I was feeling back to normal.

12 weeks post op, I was signed off from the surgeon and back in contact with the clinic to discuss IVF cycle 2!

I will leave you with some beautiful surgery related pictures! 1st is the gorgeous surgical stockings and slippers – quite a look! 2nd is me in my gown just before going for surgery, trying to look brave when terrified! 3rd and 4th are the bloating and dressings 2 days post surgery, I only had 2 entry holes for my laparoscopy this time, compared to 4 entry holes the first time! I was so uncomfortable I went for a sexy joggers and socks look 😂

Sam 💙


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