It’s been a while

So I will start with saying sorry for the silence!

I know it’s a phrase bandied around often but seriously – time really does fly when you’re having fun! I truly don’t know where this year is going – all I know is it’s going fast!

I have so many posts in the pipeline but not found any time to actually properly plan or write them!

I mainly need to finish my IVF story of how we got to the position we are in today, with our incredible 1 year old. Yup. We have a 1 year old! Infact, he’s 13 months now as somehow it’s already been a month since the big day!

That’s another post on the list – the first birthday and all the fun, emotions and memories that came with it! Timehop is hitting me in the feels daily with all the memories of just how tiny Logan was 💙

I’ve also been having a bit of a think about how to take the blog forward once I finish my IVF journey. I definitely want to talk about the early parenting days – there are alot of big feelings that come along that you never expect to experience, especially after years of believing you will never be a mum! I also want to share more about what Logan and I get up to on the days we have together – I am now back to work 2 days a week so our time together is even more precious now! I want to share every adventure, from the little things we do to keep each other entertained at home to the big days out.

It may be that no one is interested, and that’s fine! I’m here mainly for me to keep a log of all the fun things (and tough things) I go through. That way, on the tough days I can look back and remember that although the day may not be going to plan, it will pass and more good days are ahead!

So I will be here soon 😀

Sam 💙


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while”

  1. Welcome back again. I’m just myself getting back into blogging after a bit of a break. Time certainly flies now!

    I like the idea of you sharing some of the places you go and things you get up to. Do you think you’d blog about parenting after infertility? I do think that I look at things a little differently having had IVF compared to people who haven’t. I think there’s an assumption that now you’ve got your baby, that’s it, the infertility stuff never happened, but it’s still a cloud over your head.

    Or you get the teams of people who tell you you’ll get pregnant naturally now because it happened to their aunt’s sister in law’s brother’s step-sister’s dog walker. 😉

    Cait @ Of Needles and Noodles


    1. Thank you! I’m already all over your blog can’t wait to see what you bring to yours!

      Definitely will be blogging about parenting and how infertility still affects me – I never thought it would once I had a baby, and there was a brief month or so where I definitely was ok about it… but the older Logan gets the more I over think the infertility again.

      😂 those dog walkers have all the luck!

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