April so far

Sorry for the silence on the blog recently!

Isn’t it crazy how quickly time goes! We have been having so many busy weeks I seem to have blinked and April is almost over!

The last couple of weeks have been a little quieter, as it’s school holidays our swimming and baby sensory groups have stopped so I’ve had more time than usual to fill. This weekend is also a long bank holiday weekend and we are making the most of hubby being home. We spent Friday doing the garden, grass is all cut and all the patio has been pressure washed! Still got weeding to go but there’s still time!

We had a giant pile of old furniture and junk down the side of our house and finally after a couple of years collecting and gathering and clearing stuff out decided to get someone over to clear it all! We used a company I stumbled across on good ol’ Facebook, T&S Environmental Services (by the way, this is not an ad, just me waffling on about our experience!) And they were fantastic! They provided an amazing quote really fast and got us booked in. And all the rubbish has gone hurrah!



It’s amazing how much better I feel knowing that has been sorted and I won’t have to worry about Logan touching it!

Logan and I have had a couple of play dates, we finally met the lovely Siobhan and Rose, check her out on Instagram for gorgeous photos! You may also spot some of the play date 😊 @thisgirlsiobhan

We haven’t ventured out on any mum and son days recently, mainly because with kids being off school everywhere has been crazy especially with the sun! But hopefully we will be back out and about soon and able to share our adventures with you!

We have visited family, visited friends and had friends visit us, and just living life! Which is pretty normal to most… but when you have anxiety on your back it’s far easier to hide and hibernate and pretend you don’t exist than see people! Logan is really sociable so I do enjoy getting him out and about, and I think he enjoys it too! He’s always far better behaved when we go see people than when we are at home alone – potentially I’m boring him?! Or the house is… or maybe he just thrives on all the fuss he gets out and about! I think that’s most likely 😂


I’ve also started couch to 5k – first 2 weeks completed! Will do a blog post on it in the coming weeks!

We are also off to Butlins in a week 😍 can’t wait for our break! So I’m sure there will be lots to share from there!

I hope everyone is good and enjoying the lovely sunny weather! More planned posts to come soon (when time allows me to write them!)



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