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Zoo day

As we had so much fun on our mum and son day swimming and seeing fishies, I decided to keep up having regular days out. This time, as it was a dry and fairly mild day, we took a trip to Banham Zoo!

Going to a zoo is one of my favourite things! I am a bit of an animal fan, especially giraffes and sloths! And could happily watch them for hours doing their thing. I would love to go on an African safari and see all the giraffes in their home but that’s not something that’s very likely to happen so a zoo is the next best thing. It’s also pretty special to me and James, we have been going to the zoo since we got together in December 2008. I remember years ago when we were both smokers (I quit for surgeries and IVF and James later quit for IVF to qualify for NHS funding) and you could smoke anywhere at the Zoo, we would go to the giraffes and sit right away from them on the benches by their enclosure along the dirt track at the edge and would sit and have a cigarette break 💖 ahh the romance 😂

Banham Zoo is about 40ish minutes away from us so not a bad place to get to. I actually splashed out on an annual pass, which is £60, but you get to go to Banham Zoo and Africa Alive for free with it which is really good! You also get 50% off a list of other attractions, including the Roar Dinosaur Park and Thrigby Wildlife Gardens. You can also get a discount in the shop and restaurant (I believe it’s 10%) and if you take a friend along they can get in the zoo for guest rate so can save a little there too!

Banham Zoo is really good as there’s not far to walk between enclosures, so there’s no dead space. It’s well laid out and there’s lots to see and do. There’s an activity centre which does have a small soft play area, we didn’t use it but seems aimed at the younger kiddies. There is a really good outside play area, there’s a main section and a small part for under 7s, again we didn’t use it but it looks pretty exciting! The zoo has a road train that does a tour of the park, but with Logan being such a wriggler I didn’t fancy confining him to my lap for the journey round so we also gave that a miss but will definitely give it a try another day!

As you can see Logan seems to be loving the zoo as much as I do! 💖

We didn’t buy lunch at the zoo this time as we took a mini packed lunch with us but I am a big fan of their chips! The restaurant is quite big and usually has a good variety of hot and cold food. Prices are what you would expect for a tourist attraction.

My favourite enclosure at the moment has to be Eureka! It’s so amazing, it’s a tropical wonderland of free roaming birds and butterflies, but the main feature is the sloths! One was free roaming, and to have a sloth come close by is something quite special! This sloth had walked behind the waterfall and started going across the ceiling frame! If it wasn’t so hot and humid in Eureka! I think I would have stayed all day watching!

Another fun thing to do is the medal trail! It’s completely free, you just have to find and collect the 8 stamps round the zoo and then when you have completed it you can get a medal! We picked a meerkat one this time! I know he’s small and doesn’t have a clue what we are doing but I’m telling him all the time and I can imagine the medals will be great for games in the future!

We honestly had such a lovely day! There’s a few baby change facilities, one is inside a disabled toilet which is always handy as means if I need the loo I’m also catered for! I didn’t find anywhere difficult to get to with the pushchair which is always a bonus, even some gravelly paths that can sometimes prove to be a challenge were accessible.

Can’t wait to get back to the zoo but also can’t wait for our next adventure!

For more information on the zoo we went to, visit their website here! You can also check them out on Instagram / Facebook!


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