40 weeks

Hey! I hope everyone reading this is ok? Thought I would do another post, short but sweet, as I’ve hit a little landmark!

As we now know, my first cycle didn’t work on IVF. But if you have found my blog, you will have seen on my Instagram / Facebook / Twitter that I have been incredibly lucky and have been blessed with a gorgeous baby boy! Today is a special day, as he has officially been out in the world longer than he was in my tummy 💖

Logan is officially 40 weeks old today – he was born at 39 + 6, beat his due date by 1 day! So I thought to mark the occasion I would share a few newborn pics and a few from now. I still can’t believe how quickly the weeks have gone and how much he has changed! It’s hard to believe 40 weeks ago my life changed forever. I actually can’t remember what it was like to not have him around now 😍

Logan was born at 8.28pm 4th June 2018. I look lovely and tired! But a whole lot better than I looked within an hour of this picture being taken… but that’s a story for another day when I get to that stage! The picture of him all wrapped up was not long after he arrived… poser from the moment he was born!

This next picture is time stamped 4.44am 5th June 2018, so 8 ish hours old! Perfection 💖 such a chilled out little bubba!

This next picture is Logan at around 24 hours old max! Absolutely chilled to the core relaxing like being a baby is a breeze 😂 one of my favourite pictures of him!

He melted my heart from the second he arrived!

And now look… 40 weeks later! The changes are incredible! He’s changed so much but so little at the same time. I don’t know what I would do without him now! These 40 weeks have really tested me, and some days have been so incredibly hard… but I wouldn’t change anything! He’s a dream come true.

And as a final bit for this post – this was my last official bump picture taken at 38 weeks + 5 days. Below is me with Logan, he’s 38 + 6 in that picture! To think he was ever a tiny baby in my tummy is mind blowing… growing a tiny human is the craziest thing a body can do, even if it does need some help to achieve it!



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