Getting to know me!

So after my last post, which was pretty intense! I’ve decided to do a light hearted post… where hopefully you will get to know a bit about me.

Here are 10 random facts about me!

1) My top 3 animals are giraffes, sloths and owls 😀

2) I love Christmas but hate winter! I need sunshine to survive, the short days and long nights are cosy but really upset my mood!

3) Peach iced tea is probably my favourite soft drink in the universe!

4) I went vegetarian November 2018 for charity and have stayed vegetarian since! I have a real love for Linda McCartney sausages, and don’t miss meat at all!

5) Before pregnancy, I virtually ran on coffee. In pregnancy I couldn’t stomach even the smell of coffee and I still can’t drink it even though Logan is nearly 9 months!

6) I am a model stitcher for 2 cross stitch magazines, The World of Cross Stitching and Crossstitch Crazy! I feel very lucky to be able to do my hobby for something fun!

7) I have terrible taste in T.V. programmes… I love rubbish reality series like love island, geordie shore, catfish, especially if I can binge watch them 😂

8) I am terrified of needles, but have 8 tattoos, I love them all 💖

9) I was a smoker but quit back in october 2012 as part of Stoptober. It seems gimmick events give me the kick I need to do something 😂

10) I love Chinese takeaway! My favourite is from Happy View and I have the same thing every time… spicy salt crispy tofu, vegetable spring rolls and mushroom chow mein!



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