One year ago

Sorry for the silence! Things have been a little crazy the last couple of weeks! I got married 8th September and am now officially a Lowe πŸ’™ we then went away for a mini moon and since then I have been working on getting back to normal… I will do posts on the wedding and mini moon in the future so keep your eyes peeled…

My post today is about a very special anniversary. On September 15th 2017, I had 10 eggs collected as part of the IVF process. For me, this was an amazing number, as I have a fairly low AMH which means I have low eggs in reserve. We were told the following day that 7 of them had fertilised, which is incredible. We then had an anxious wait to see if we could get to a day 5 transfer. I will do posts on each stage properly with better explanations of each bit in the future it’s just not as easy to share as I thought it would be!

Once an egg has been fertilised, it works hard to divide. It splits in 2, then 4, and keeps dividing and growing if it is going to plan. IVF can work on something as small as a day 2 embryo, but the dream is to get to a day 5 blastocyst as this usually gives the best odds of IVF working.

We got the call on September 18th to confirm we were going for a day 5 transfer and that was arranged for September 20th.

One year ago today.

For the transfer, it’s much easier than the collection! The hardest part is having the full bladder 😣 especially when your consultant is running late! 😭

You sit in one of those fabulous chairs which leave you with little dignity… much like what you may be on in a clinic for a smear test… legs spread and little paper square covering your well seen nether regions! A catheter is inserted into the cervix so they can put the blastocyst and a little fluid to help the transfer into the womb. It’s a slightly uncomfortable procedure but only takes a few minutes.

We had a choice. We knew we were definitely getting 1 blastocyst back, but on entering the transfer room, we were told there was an iffy one they didn’t know if it would keep growing or die. They felt the best home for it would be back with me but it was my choice if I wanted 2 embryos back. 2 meant an increased risk of multiple birth but this was something we had discussed and we were willing to go for.

We therefore had 2 blastocyst put back, and the scan picture of this is below!

It’s not too clear on this but in the middle there’s a white circle which is the 2 little embryos being deposited by the catheter.

This is a clearer picture, the bright white speck in the middle in the 2 little embryos.

Although both sadly didn’t stick, one of these little embryos did and became our most magical little man, who is 15 weeks 3 days old today πŸ’™ I can’t imagine our world without him now.

Thank you science, thank you NHS. πŸ’™


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  1. I loved those chairs!! Arse hanging out swinging in the air!! Apart from the indignity of them aren’t they bloody comfy!!πŸ˜‚
    Got to love science and the NHS ! πŸ’™

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