So… on Saturday the 8th I finally join my boys in becoming a Lowe 💙 Its been a long time coming!

So why have I titled this post Ugh…? Because I have somehow caught a cold 😭 it started full blown yesterday and isn’t alot better today… starting to look like Rudolph!

I have to hope my voice at least holds out or it could be a very quiet ceremony… and fingers crossed no cough starts between now and then! 4 days to go until the big day… this is a perfect example of my kind of luck!

Heres a pic of me and little man having cuddles earlier… still impressed I got dressed!


Actually I’m not that impressed… there is only one reason I got dressed and that was so I could walk to Tesco to buy cake. And why did I buy cake? As it’s bake off night and it’s cake week! I will upload my cake choice on Instagram later during bake off! @samjamist if you want to go have a look 😊

Today is also a special day, it’s 3 months today since Logan came into this world! This time last year I was doing 2 injections a day and covering myself in bruises, not knowing if what I was doing would even work or lead to me becoming a mum… excuse my tummy but below is the bruising from a time hop snap!


I remember the tiredness, feeling fuzzy and poorly… it feels so distant but like yesterday at the same time… but that’s detail for another day!

Hope anyone reading this is ok! 💙


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